Soap? What’s that?

Soap and hand washing go together like sunscreen and a day at the beach. Psychologists suspect that washing hands with soap is a major formative block of a civilized person’s ego. My earliest childhood memory is of my mom standing in the doorway of our bathroom, arms akimbo, her head at a slight angle, looking at me as I turn around to make my way […]

Is calendula your cup of tea?

Wait a minute? Calendula? Pot marigold? Is this the flower my mom used to put in salad dressing to make it look all bright and summer like? Yes, yes it is. As a matter of fact, calendula is such a common flower, that you are probably used to passing by it without looking twice in its direction. It even reminds me of dandelions – the […]

A frog’s tale

Back when I was a young and still very green frog, I was rather clueless about the world around me. I remember having to do my own shopping for the first time. I had just moved out of my parents’ home and was living in a big city in a tiny dorm room located on the campus of a big university. Starry eyed and full […]