We are nature’s creatures born into an unnatural world. Exposure to harsh chemicals, unnatural sleep cycles, noise and air pollution, treated water, processed foods – our bodies wade into a deep pool of murky byproducts of modern civilization from the very first moment they start their independent journey called life. What is worse is that the health of many a child will be sabotaged at the very early stages of her development if the expectant mother is not sufficiently careful in her daily choices.

Our bodies are robust and beautiful. We just need to stop disrespecting them. Health is our biggest assets that can be deployed to attain, create and enjoy a rich and satisfying life. Sans that, we end up living lives around our ailments, which is not much fun.

Yours truly,

Babiola 🙂

Thought of the week

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

- Albert Einstein



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